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Princess Diana death investigations to be examined in Channel 4 doc

UK commercially funded pubcaster Channel 4 has commissioned a docuseries examining the two police investigations into the death of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana

Produced by Sandpaper Films in coproduction with Discovery+, Investigating Diana: Death in Paris, will tell the full story of the investigations by the French Brigade Criminelle in 1997 and the British Metropolitan Police in 2004.

The four-part project has secured exclusive access to the top detectives on both sides of the channel, looking at how both investigations grappled to separate fact from speculation.

Told as a forensic police procedural, the series will explore how powerful individuals, the press and the internet created and fuelled conspiracy theories that overwhelmed facts and called into question the very nature of truth.

Investigating Diana: Death in Paris is directed by Will Jessop and Barnaby Peel. The producers are Natacha Brounais and Miriam Jones.


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