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Plimsoll’s James Smith on adventuring with Alex Honnold, exploring ‘wildlife-plus’

Today we hear from James Smith, recently promoted to the post of head of adventure at ITV Studios-owned natural history maker Plimsoll Productions, about his new role and how it is indicative of the company’s evolution and that of its favoured genre.

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ITV Studios-owned natural history maker Plimsoll Productions last month promoted James Smith to the newly created position of head of adventure.

Previously exec producer at the company, Smith’s credits include National Geographic’s Yellowstone Live and two upcoming shows for Nat Geo and Disney+ following US free climber Alex Honnold to Alaska and Greenland.

He spoke with Neil Batey about these latest projects, why they and his new job title embody a new direction for Plimsoll as it explores “wildlife-plus” programming, and how the firm is adjusting to the financial squeeze faced by streamers.

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