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Pearson TV becomes FremantleMedia

Pearson Television has renamed itself FremantleMedia, reflecting the change in the company's ownership after last year's merger with Bertlesmann-owned CLT-Ufa to form the RTL Group.

All Pearson Television's divisions will be rebranded, including Worldwide Production, Pearson Television North America, and Pearson Television International & Enterprises.

Pearson's UK operation will assume the Thames Television brand, which was the old London weekday franchise brand and has since been used for various drama productions like The Bill and Burnside. Pearson's Australian operation will be renamed under the Grundy brand.

FremantleMedia's ceo Tony Cohen said: {We believe that the name FremantleMedia, like Pearson Television before it, will become synonymous with some of the best entertainment and drama programme brands in the world.{

{The rebranding of the company was necessary following the formation of the RTL Group, but the nature and focus of our business remain unchanged.{

A spokeswoman for FremantleMedia said that there is no connection with the 50-year-old New York-based TV production-distribution company Fremantle Corporation, which – like FremantleMedia – also produces drama series.


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