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PBS preps coronavirus programming

US pubcaster PBS is launching a collection of programmes and online resources to keep viewers informed of the latest developments relating to the spread of coronavirus.

TV programmes include primetime show Confronting Coronavirus: A PBS Newshour Special, which features interviews with officials and a virtual town hall with curated questions from across the US. It premieres on Thursday.

Launching next Tuesday is Frontline: Coronavirus Pandemic, a two-part doc focused on the US government’s response to the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Spillover: Zika, Ebola & Beyond, which originally aired during the zika virus outbreak in 2016, will be repeated on PBS this Thursday.

PBS is also launching web portals featuring breaking news coverage of the virus and other tutorials and information, while PBS Digital Studios is developing a programme on the early steps to prevent the spread of germs for its YouTube series It’s Okay to be Smart.


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