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Passion embarks on Stone Age adventure

Surviving the Stone Age: Adventure to the Wild debuts on C4 this weekend

London-based Passion Distribution has acquired the rights to factual entertainment series Surviving the Stone Age: Adventure to the Wild.

Produced by Renegade Pictures and Motion Content Group for Channel 4 in the UK, Surviving the Stone Age: Adventure to the Wild sees a group of archaeology and primitive skills experts go on a journey deep into the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

Over one month they attempt to follow in the footsteps of our Stone Age ancestors and survive as a tribe in the wilderness, hunting for food and building their own shelter using only primitive tools.

The 3×60’ series premieres on Channel 4 this Saturday.

Sean Wheatley, head of acquisitions at Passion, said: “This series succeeds in combining a strong documentary sensibility with thrilling human drama. Visually spectacular, gritty and authentic, the series delivers amazing revelations – it’s a truly spectacular way of learning about our past.”

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