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Paramount+, Channel 5 look at the life of Dodi Al-Fayed with Wonderhood

Dodi: Last Days of a Playboy for Channel 5 and Paramount+

Paramount+ and Channel 5 in the UK have commissioned factual prodco and creative agency Wonderhood Studios to produce a documentary about the life of Dodi Al-Fayed.

Dodi: Last Days of a Playboy (1×90′) will “go beyond” the image of the pampered playboy portrayed by the media to reveal how an isolated, lonely boy had to deal with his parents’ divorce at a young age, built a career in Hollywood and ended up dating Princess Diana, Wonderhood Studios said.

The film features exclusive interviews with people who knew Al-Fayed, who died in the same car crash in Paris in August 1997 that killed Princess Diana.

The doc is a Wonderhood Studios production for Paramount+ and Channel 5, in association with All3Media International.

It is filmed, produced and directed by Luke Korzun Martin, produced by Cecilia Valensise and executive produced by Tom Anstiss and Samantha Anstiss.

It was ordered by Daniel Pearl, commissioning editor for unscripted UK originals at Paramount-owned Channel 5 and Paramount+.

Wonderhood was founded in 2018 by David Abraham, the former CEO of Channel 4 and Samantha Anstiss, former BBC documentary commissioner and creative director.

Korzun Martin said: “This film has extraordinary access to a fascinating range of people who knew Dodi intimately across his life. Their untold and deeply personal testimony delivers a dramatic and compelling new narrative about an enigmatic figure who was part of one of the most significant events in modern times.”

Pearl said: “This premium feature documentary tells a truly extraordinary story. There has been so much written about the events of Diana’s death but remarkably little about Dodi. This film reveals the truth about a tragic figure forever linked to the history of Diana and her relationship with the royal family.”

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