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Owain Walbyoff tells C21FM about the trend for live experiences based on hit shows

Today we hear from Owain Walbyoff, chief commercial officer at Banijay Group, about how TV companies are tapping into the growing popularity of immersive live experiences based on hit shows.

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Anyone who’s been to Disneyland knows that real-life experiences based on entertainment IP are nothing new. But with ambitious immersive experiences based on hit properties such as Netflix’s Stranger Things growing in popularity, more and more TV companies are exploring ways they can get in on the action.

As the world’s largest international content producer and distributor with more than 120 production companies across 22 territories, Banijay is making ambitious in-roads into the sector, with chief commercial officer Owain Walbyoff overseeing the push.

C21 speaks to Walbyoff about these moves, which span scripted and unscripted IP including Peaky Blinders, The Crystal Maze, MasterChef and, he reveals, Black Mirror, as Banijay-owned House of Tomorrow begins work on new episodes of the UK anthology series for Netflix.

Walbyoff also discusses how the pandemic has affected consumer behaviour around live events, the ways in which digital worlds are bringing immersive experiences based on TV shows into people’s homes and Banijay’s ambitions to develop new and original content specifically for the metaverse.

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