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Nordisk Film Distribution upgrades streaming ambitions with Nordisk Film+

Streaming service Nordisk Film+

The distribution arm of Nordic prodco giant Nordisk Film is ramping up its streaming service Nordisk Film+, offering Nordic movie titles and a content section for kids.

Nordisk Film is one of the world’s oldest movie companies and began shooting in Copenhagen 115 years ago.

Klaus Odegaard

Nordisk Film Distribution currently has no plans to commission exclusive content and does not intend to make the streaming service its primary area of business, but rather a supplement, the company said.

“Nordisk Film+ is intended as an affordable supplement to other media consumption. We will not push any of the streaming giants off their throne,” said Klaus Odegaard, who is responsible for Nordisk Film+.

New movie titles will appear on Nordisk Film+ approximately three years after their theatrical release. In addition to offering Danish movies, Nordisk Film+ has a separate children’s section and movies from all Nordic countries and Hollywood.

“We have gained lots of experience with streaming and made thorough analyses, which indicate that there is a very reasonable market for a streaming service with the main focus on Danish films,” said Odegaard.


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