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Noovo sees French-Canadian Voice

Fox’s US version of I Can See Your Voice is fronted by Ken Jeong

Canadian French-language channel Noovo has ordered a local adaptation of I Can See Your Voice, the musical gameshow format from Korea’s CJ ENM.

I Can See Your Voice first aired on CJ ENM’s music-focused Korean pay channel Mnet. CJ ENM produced the original and also distributes the format.

In the format, a panel of celebrity judges help a contestant identify the good singer from a group of six participants, without actually hearing them sing.

Quebecois prodco Productions ToRoS will produce the Canadian version in collaboration with Canadian media conglomerate Bell Media. Bell has owned Noovo since acquiring its parent company, V, in 2019. Incendo will distribute the show in Canada.

To date, I Can See Your Voice has been adapted in 16 territories including the US, Finland and China.

Last year the format was the subject of a bitter argument between CJ ENM and Turkish distributor Global Agency, which is distributing a similar format called Is That Really Your Voice?.

CJ ENM accused Global Agency of taking elements of its IP, while the Turkish company countered that the idea was its own and CJ ENM had taken it following a sales meeting between the two companies in 2014.

Both have since rolled out their respective formats internationally, with the Global Agency show adapted by TF1 in France as Good Singers, while Fox in the US is among the broadcasters to have its own version of I Can See Your Voice.

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