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Newen-owned Dutch independent producer Pupkin launches family-focused Juliet

Iris Otten and Nathalie van der Burg

Newen-owned Dutch independent producer Pupkin is launching a new label, Juliet, to focus on creating crossover shows and family productions.

Pupkin itself will continue to focus on true-crime content, with co-founder and producer Sander Van Meurs continuing to handle the business side.

Pupkin’s other two co-founders and creative producers, Iris Otten and Pieter Kuijpers, hope that their distinctive styles will be represented by the creation of Juliet.

Juliet sprung from the desire to produce films and series that contribute to an optimistic society and inspire new generations, according to the company. Otten and Nathalie van der Burg will head up creative at Juliet, having worked at Pupkin together since 2009.

In the past few years Pupkin has been known for features like Quality Time, Take Me Somewhere Nice and Paradise Drifters. The firm is currently working on the high-end family series Lampie, based on the successful children’s book by Annet Schaap.

Otten said: “With Juliet we will be dedicating ourselves mainly to women between 30 and 50 years old, who will bring along their partner or friends to our films in the theatre and together with children can enjoy our family content.”

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