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New SVoDs hit demand for Netflix shows

Disney+ live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian

Global demand for Netflix original series reached a new low in 2020 as new streaming platforms ate into the US giant’s share, according to a report from entertainment industry researcher Parrot Analytics.

Parrot measures global demand for content by monitoring consumer engagement with a series via social media and social videos, as well as pirated streaming and downloading. This is then weighed up against the time spent engaging with the content to give a global impression of audience demand.

The report says Netflix shows accounted for 53.5% of global demand last year, 6.3% lower than 2019’s figure. Chief among the reasons for the drop was the launch of rival platforms, with Apple TV+’s share coming to 3.8% and Disney+ and HBO Max both at 3.6%. All three became available last year.

One big winner for Disney+ was Star Wars series The Mandalorian, which was the most in-demand original series in nine out of 10 markets analysed. The report examines the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the UK.

Parrot Analytics insights analyst Christofer Hamilton, author of the report, said the findings reflected “a difference in strategy between Disney+ and Netflix. Disney+ has been dependent more on a global blockbusters like The Mandalorian while Netflix has developed a greater number of series that can be more targeted to specific market tastes.”

The report also reflects a general rise in SVoD platforms, with niche streamers registering 8.8% of worldwide demand for digital original series.

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