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Netherlands’ Talpa Studios partners with local content outfit Signal.Stream

Wouter van der Pauw (left) and Giel de Winter

John De Mol’s Dutch format specialist Talpa Studios has established a strategic creative partnership with Signal.Stream, a Netherlands-based content and production house focused on the streaming market.

Signal.Stream operates independently from headquarters in Amsterdam, with a team of experts connected to the streamer industry producing unscripted formats for digital-native audiences.

The first project of this collaboration is No Way Back, an adventure reality show where a group of adventurers will embark on a gruelling trail through Norway. The show will premiere on SBS6 in the Netherlands on January 7.

In just 18 months since its founding, Signal.Stream sold multiple formats and stories to established streaming services, including docuseries Superleeuwen (Super Lions), about the Moroccan football dream during the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

The co-founders, Giel de Winter and Wouter van der Pauw, who previously worked on formats like Hunting Season and The Vault, initially crossed paths with John de Mol during their time at Talpa Network. With Talpa Studios as an accelerator and creative supporter, Signal.Stream is pursuing international ambitions.

De Mol, owner of Talpa Studios, said: “The strength of this partnership lies in the fact that Signal.Stream knows and can reach new target audiences, while Talpa Studios brings its vast experience in format development and international distribution. I’m convinced that with this cooperation and Giel and Wouter’s creativity, we can launch exciting and innovative formats.”

Van der Pauw added: “John de Mol is unprecedented in the field of format creation and production, complemented by a team of experts and a strong global network. Leveraging their network, we can introduce our fresh ideas to global audiences. The flexibility and dynamism of our collaboration will enhance our ideas, ensuring a more significant impact.”

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