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Netflix working on spin-off of El Marginal with Underground and Telemundo Studios

Gerardo Romano, Sebastián Ortega and Ana Garibaldi star in En el Barr

Underground and Telemundo Studios have begun filming En el Barr for Netflix, a spin-off of the hit Argentine women’s prison series El Marginal.

Created by Sebastián Ortega, who is on board the latest project as general producer, the series will star Ana Garibaldi alongside Rita Cortese, Valentina Zenere, Lorena Vega, Marcelo Subiotto, Carolina Ramírez and Ana Rujas.

The series will also feature special appearances by Juana Molina, Juan Gil Navarro, Justina Bustos and Cecilia Rosetto, as well as the continuation of the character played by Gerardo Romano in El Marginal.

Alejandro Ciancio will be the director and Pablo Culell and Juan Ponce will be the executive producers.

The El Marginal saga was created by the Argentine production company Underground in 2016 for Argentine Public TV and distributed internationally by Israel’s Dori Media Distribution.

After its arrival on Netflix, the series became an international success that led to multiple renewals (the series already has five seasons) and now its first spin-off.

El Marginal was also adapted by Telemundo for the Spanish-speaking United States as El Recluso, starting a relationship between Underground and Telemundo that led to the former being purchased by the latter in 2019.

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