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Netflix set to ramp up Polish originals, Ampere Analysis forecasts

Global streamer Netflix is set to commission a swathe of originals in Poland are it continues to increase its content investment outside of the US, according to UK-based Ampere Analysis.

Poland is set to be the next main beneficiary of the global streamer’s aggressive international content push, following in the footsteps of South Korea, Mexico and South America, according to Ampere.

It has found Netflix increasingly follows a standard formula for content localisation, beginning with an acceleration in the acquisition of third-party titles, small trials of local commissions and then a wider roll-out of original local production.

This wider roll-out begins with a high proportion of movie commissions and is then followed by a regular flow of TV-focused activity that is key for driving subscriber retention. After 24 months, a second surge in commissions takes place.

Ampere said this repeating pattern allows it to predict where and when Netflix’s local original content investment is likely to increase, with Poland said to be the next area of focus.

The news comes after C21 reported that executives from major companies such as Banijay and ITV Studios tipped Poland to become an important producer of global drama.

Netflix has already begun the local commissioning process in Poland, with a spike in commissioning in the first quarter of 2021, with four new films and four TV shows.

Ampere estimates that Netflix is likely to commission a further 16 titles over the next two years, including four more original films, in addition to further expanding its current third-party local catalogue. Ampere also found that Netflix is currently “underweight for local original content” in Turkey.

Richard Cooper, research director at Ampere Analysis, said: “Between Q4 2019 and Q3 2021, Netflix increased the volume of original titles being commissioned, with international now the focus of activity. This strategy outstrips that of its international competitors, due to Netflix’s relative maturity and the company’s drive to acquire ever more subscribers. The increase in commissioning outside the US underscores the importance of international markets to Netflix’s continued global expansion.”


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