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Netflix orders Italian comedy series from Banijay’s Groenlandia

L-R: Maschi Veri stars Pietro Sermonti, Francesco Montanari, Maurizio Lastrico and Matteo Martari

Netflix has ordered a comedy series from Banijay-owned Italian label Groenlandia.

Produced by Matteo Rovere, Maschi Veri is an eight-episode comedy written by Furio Andreotti, Giulia Calenda and Ugo Ripamonti.

The show is an adaptation of Spanish original Machos Alpha (Alpha Males) which debuted on Netflix in December 2022 and is currently filming a third season.

The plot follows four friends in their 40s who have to face their own prejudices in a world attempting to improve social and gender equality. Always tied to their status as alpha males, the four friends will suddenly have to rediscover their place in society and in couple dynamics, without losing themselves in the meantime.

Although its plot indicated that it was the adaptation of Machos Alpha, neither Netflix nor Banijay made any mention of the Spanish series in their Italian announcement.

However, Alberto Caballero, co-creator of Machos Alpha with his sister Laura Caballero, from Spain’s Contubernio SL, confirmed the suspicions and announced that the series will also have an adaptation in France that is already recorded.

“Second version of machos Alpha underway. The French one is already recorded,” Caballero revealed in a post on Twitter that was later deleted.

Maschi Veri stars Maurizio Lastrico, Matteo Martari, Francesco Montanari and Pietro Sermonti and is directed by Matteo Oleotto and Letizia Lamartire. The series will launch on Netflix in 2025.

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