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Netflix on board as Colombia’s Caracol TV remakes telenovela Newly Rich, Newly Poor

The original Newly Rich, Newly Poor debuted in 2007

LA SCREENINGS: Caracol Television has announced at the LA Screenings Independents that it will produce a new version of its telenovela Newly Rich, Newly Poor, which will be carried by Netflix as well as airing on the Colombian broadcaster.

Launched in 2007, Newly Rich, Newly Poor is one of the best-known series from Caracol, which sold the adaptation rights to Alpha TV in Greece and Prva TV in Serbia and in 2021 placed the show on Netflix, where it achieved high international viewing figures.

“It is a very powerful story, has a masterful combination of humour and drama, is very digestible and was very well accepted by audiences at the time and also recently on Netflix internationally,” said Karen Juliao, Caracol’s international marketing director.

“Its premiere on Netflix generated a lot of appetite for the story worldwide.”

The new version, she added, will have a contemporary setting and incorporate elements such as current technology. It will star Variel Sánchez, Laura Barjum, Juan Guilera and Lina Tejeiro and will screen on Netflix as part of an agreement between Caracol and the streaming platform for international second windows.

Caracol is also here at the LA Screenings Independents shopping the long-awaited second season of telenovela Pedro el Escamoso, which the company coproduced with Disney+, and is launching its series Klass 95, which is also included in its agreement with Netflix.

Meanwhile, the broadcaster is continuing with its international production strategy, which started in Mexico with biopic Vicente Fernández and is set to continue with a biographical series Chavela, about singer Chavela Vargas, made with Miracol Media. It has also expanded into Turkey with Leylifer, a local drama coproduced with Inter Medya.

“Chavela is part of our strategy in Mexico, a market we entered in 2022 with the Vicente Fernandez project. Our idea was to enter Mexico honouring its culture, with relevant content and telling great local stories,” said Juliao.

“And now we are looking for more projects, stories and production companies to work with in Mexico. The idea is to continue opening production operations in other territories, such as what we are doing in Turkey with Leylifer with Inter Medya and other international territories where we will soon announce similar agreements.”

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