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Netflix offers glimpse of viewing habits

Netflix’s Marvel series include Luke Cage

Netflix has released details of its subscribers’ viewing habits and revealed how viewers land on certain genres of shows.

The streamer, which is notoriously tight-lipped about how many people watch its series, said one-in-eight of its viewers of Marvel Television series were new to comic book-based content before watching Netflix’s offering.

The US-based company, which made its first move into mergers and acquisitions earlier this month by buying comic publishing house Millarworld, has enjoyed success with Marvel series such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The streamer said more than 80% of all its series had been discovered through Netflix recommendations.

“At Netflix we know genres are just wrappers, which is why we work hard to create algorithms that help members break these preconceived notions and make it easier for them to find stories they’ll love, even in seemingly unlikely places,” said Todd Yellin, VP of product.

The streamer added that one-in-five Stranger Things viewers were new to horror, while one-in-seven Black Mirror watchers had not previously watched science fiction programming on the service.

Netflix added that shows offering anti-heroes and moral ambiguity, such as House of Cards and Bloodline, led viewers to Marvel’s Daredevil.

Those who watched series with “smart humour” such as Master of None were attracted to Jessica Jones, while Luke Cage viewers had previously watched series such as Black Mirror.

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