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Netflix, Amazon face 30% Euro quota

Gerard Depardieu in Netflix French original Marseille

Netflix and Amazon could be forced to ensure that almost a third of their European services’ content comprises local shows, after European Commission (EC) politicians reached an agreement on content quotas.

The EC has agreed the minimum 30% quota should be applied to the catalogues of SVoD operators, including both EU-based operators and international players such as Netflix.

The quota is higher than some had been expecting, with initial EC proposals citing a figure of around 20%.

The move is designed to provide further support to the European production industry and will now be put before the European Parliament for further negotiation prior to the quota being implemented.

Representatives from countries including Finland, Denmark, the UK and Sweden had argued the quota would be counterproductive, while others, such as Greece, called for a 40% minimum to be introduced.

The 30% quota is not thought to be a major issue for Netflix or Amazon, which both offer around that level of European content on their services already.

Netflix previously hit out at the plan, but has been ramping up its originals across Europe over the past year, with shows including its first French drama, Marseille, and a recent debut commission from Germany.

European Union rules already oblige TV broadcasters to devote airtime to local works, including material made in their own country.


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