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NBCU teams up with BBC to develop unscripted shows with transatlantic appeal

US media group NBCUniversal (NBCU) and UK public broadcaster the BBC have teamed up to find unscripted shows that can work on both sides of the pond.

Jenny Groom

The deal involves both parties hunting for UK-made shows that have the potential to be made into series. Producers’ terms will be agreed with the BBC, ensuring a better deal for prodcos than if they had signed with any US network. The pair is looking for diverse offerings especially.

NBCU’s flagship broadcaster network NBC has remade a number of BBC formats including The Wheel, The Weakest Link and Dragons’ Den, while the BBC has remade NBC’s gameshow The Wall.

Submissions will be overseen by NBCU’s senior VP of unscripted television development Sharon Vuong and BBC commissioners Pinki Chambers and Neil McCallum.

“In such a competitive landscape, we love the idea of amplifying our audiences and creative output in partnership with the BBC,” said Jenny Groom, executive VP of entertainment unscripted content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming.

Kate Phillips

“There is no better partner for NBCU and with Sharon Vuong and her team helping to lead the charge for us, we look forward to bringing the next great wave of unscripted formats to viewers across the globe.”

Kate Phillips, director of entertainment at BBC Commissioning, added: “This unique partnership is such an exciting opportunity for UK-based producers. We want to lead the way in finding and investing in high-mpact, returnable British ideas and formats from all nations and regions, and this collaboration with NBCU will enable producers to develop their ideas at scale and win commissions on both sides of the Atlantic.”

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