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Nat Geo Kids finds Nemo for comedy copro

MIP NEWS: National Geographic Kids Entertainment has joined forces with Paris-based Planet Nemo Animation over the production of a new comedy animation series.

Aloutah, a 2D animated adventure comedy (52×2′) targeting 7-12s, follows the adventures of two Aleut siblings, Aloutah and MikMak, in the Arctic Circle.

The series produced in Flash animation, has been created to work as interstitials on television, mobile and the internet. Based on the comic strip created by Jean Vincent, the series is scripted by Holly Huckins (Angela Anaconda, Recess and Rugrats).

President of National Geographic Kids Entertainment Donna Friedman Meir describes Aloutah as “a playful series that blends irreverent humour, adventure and quirky storytelling that appeals to kids.” But in keeping with Nat Geo’s educational credentials, she added that it also “encourages kids to use their imagination and explore the world around them.”

Aloutah is being presold internationally here at MipTV by National Geographic Television International, except in French-speaking countries, Benelux and Asia, where Planet Nemo holds the distribution rights.


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