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Mike Cosentino offers a peek behind the curtains of LA Screenings deal-making

Today, we hear from former Bell Media content chief Mike Cosentino about the intrigue that takes place behind the scenes at the LA Screenings as Canadian buyers descend on Hollywood for a first glimpse of the US studios’ shows ahead of others.

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Mike Cosentino spent more than two decades at Canadian broadcaster Bell Media, latterly as president of content and programming, overseeing the annual budget for services including linear network CTV and subscription streamer Crave.

As such, the exec had a front-row seat to what he calls “the wildest 10 days in television” – when Canadian private broadcasters head down to LA to screen dozens of new shows and then cut big cheques to acquire them from the US studios.

American titles have long been the main driver of audiences and advertising dollars on Canadian television screens, meaning returning from the LA Screenings with the next big hits is essential for a network’s success when they launch their fall schedule in September.

It is the most important and pressure-filled time in the annual Canadian broadcast calendar, as letting a competitor get their hands on the next major hit can have huge financial implications.

Cosentino, who left Bell three years ago and established his own media company, CosMedia, spoke with Jordan Pinto about the logistics, pressure, high stakes strategy and negotiations that take place behind the scenes when Canadian broadcasters head to Hollywood in May.

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