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Medyapim goes fourth with Nippon drama

Oasis – A Love Story will be adapted for Turkish audiences

MIPCOM: Turkish prodco Medyapim has acquired the rights to a drama format from Nippon TV, its fourth such deal with the Japanese broadcaster.

The latest pickup will see Medyapim remake Oasis – A Love Story for the Turkish market. The series centres on a lonely young woman who finds love and happiness with a new family.

Medyapin has already adapted two Nippon dramas: Mother was remade as Anne, while Woman – My Life for My Children became Kadin. A third is on the way in the shape of My Son, the Turkish title of which has yet to be revealed.

The latest deal was agreed between Atsushi Sogo, president of international business development for Nippon TV, and Fatih Aksoy, CEO of Medyapim.

“We have come to realise there are great similarities between the Turkish and Japanese mentalities. In both countries, we have pinpointed a huge demand for emotional, relationship-focused series that are uplifting and heartwarming,” said Sogo.

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