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Medienboard, CMF launch digital fund

German funding body Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and the Canada Media Fund (CMF) have launched a digital co-development and coproduction incentive scheme.

The initiative is intended to encourage Canuck and German producers to create digital media projects together.

Projects will be evaluated according to a set of criteria including the number of innovative and creative elements, how they engage the targeted community and audience, and the viability of the project’s budget and timeline.

The total amount of funding available through the scheme is about €200,000 (US$240,000), with each organisation contributing half. The total maximum contribution to a project will also be €200,000, with funding taking the form of a repayable advance in development and a recoupable investment in production.

To qualify, projects must involve producers eligible under both organisations’ criteria. They have to be created for digital platforms and can be either a game, a web series, multi-platform content or augmented reality or virtual reality experiences.

“Creating co-development and coproduction opportunities between Canadian and international producers continues to be a top priority for the CMF,” said Valerie Creighton, the organisation’s president and CEO.

“We are certain that producers from both countries will benefit enormously by establishing constructive partnerships to create compelling content through this agreement.”

Helge Jürgens, MD of Medienboard, said the programme would enable it to “further expand its international network within the market-leading Canadian digital media sector, and deepen cooperation between German and Canadian media professionals.”

Applications must be made by December 12, with recipients set to be announced in February 2018. For more information, click here.

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