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Mediapro, Boutique prep dystopian copro

Boutique Filmes’ drama 3% for Netflix

NATPE: Imagina-owned The Mediapro Studio has set up a coproduction with the Brazilian outfit behind Netflix originals 3% and Onisciente.

Boutique Filmes has joined forces with Mediapro Studio on another dystopian-themed drama, To Kill a Queen (8×60′).

The project was announced at Natpe Miami, which kicks off today, and is inspired by the Brazilian beauty pageants of the 1950s.

Set in 2025, it follows a former legendary beauty pageant star who takes part in a glamorous competition that is secretly planning to make all women obedient, beautiful and modest housewives.

“With the advance of conservatism around the world, especially in Brazil, nothing would be more original than to create a futuristic reality inspired by retrograde values from the past,” said Ram Tellem, head of international content development at The Mediapro Studio.

Gustavo Mello, executive producer of To Kill a Queen and company partner in Boutique, said the team is confident of securing more partners for the series on the international market, despite it not being in English.

“The dystopian genre is one of the most popular in other territories and connects easily with the audience because its shows the contradictions and dilemmas of the present,” added Mello.

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