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MediaHub, Fadi Ismail’s DKL Studio partner to elevate Arabic content globally

Kerim Emrah Turna (left) and Fadi Ismail

Istanbul-based MediaHub has sealed a strategic partnership with Dubai’s DKL Studio, led by former O3 Productions chief Fadi Ismail, to coproduce and distribute Arabic series for the international market.

The collaboration marks a significant step in MediaHub’s efforts to revolutionise the coproduction landscape in the Middle East, the company said. The firm was launched in 2021 by former Kanal D International exec Kerim Emrah Turna.

The partnership aims to leverage MediaHub’s distribution network and expertise in turning Turkish drama into the global phenomenon it is today. DKL Studio founder Ismail, meanwhile, has more than 30 years’ expertise in content creation, development, production and distribution within the Arab media sphere.

DKL has produced and coproduced three series and three Saudi Arabian feature films over the past three years. The studio is now focusing on developing a slate of concepts from Arab creative writers that respond to evolving trends in content creation and consumption, aiming to elevate the quality of Arab storytelling.

Ismail emphasised the potential for Arab content to reach international audiences, stating: “Among the hundreds of series produced in the last few years and what will be produced in the coming years, there will be an increasing number of titles appealing to international audiences.

“With the right experiences, know-how and marketing strategies, distributing globally is not impossible. Together with MediaHub, we will crack it.”

Turna and Ismail’s collaboration dates back to their days at Kanal D International and MBC-owned O3, respectively. Ismail was a pioneer in introducing Turkish series to the MENA region, via the acquisition and adaptation of Turkish content at MBC Group.

This new partnership “is bound to create content that will serve the advancement of high-quality, well-curated Arab content in the global market. We are very much looking forward to all the products that will be the result of this collaboration of ideas, expertise and skills,” added Turna.

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