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Media Ranch hooks Fish Bingo for Mip

DR’s angling-based interactive gameshow Fish Bingo

Canadian distributor Media Ranch has unveiled its slate for Digital MipTV, including a series of new dating, gameshow and celebrity formats.

The gameshow include Fish Bingo from Danish pubcaster DR, a live interactive game which sees 90 fishermen/women, each wearing a number, going fishing while the TV audience plays bingo using the numbers.

Also from DR comes Here’s Your Hit, a music entertainment show exploring what makes a hit song, and Mom, He’s a Dane, a factual series highlighting the many challenges that immigrant families face in a new country.

Media Ranch’s gameshow slate also features its own show Watch!, which pits two teams against each other in a game of memory, challenging them to recall details of the extravagant variety act they have just watched.

Recipe for Love is a new studio-based dating show with a cooking twist for contestants aged 50-plus, which aims to demonstrate that it’s never too late for love.

Mom, He’s a Dane looks at the challenges faced by immigrants

The distributor is also lining up six gameshow and factual formats featuring celebrities. The gameshows are Surprise Surprise, a hidden-camera series that plays jokes on international celebs; Good Times, which sees two celebrities compete to guess the right year by singing, cosplaying, dancing and answering questions; and What’s Your Problem?, a debate gameshow in which two celebs debate what society finds offensive.

Media Ranch’s celebrity factual formats are Back to the 9th Grade, in which a celeb aged 40-plus travels the country to surprise his old school classmates; Things My Dad Failed to Teach Me, which features a celebrity returning to their childhood home to learn a new skill from their father, from hunting to harvesting; and Miracle Habits, where medical experts give celebrities healthy lifestyle tips based on their daily routines and habits.

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