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Media giants back UK trans community

The Walt Disney Company EMEA, WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal, Discovery and ViacomCBS are among the media giants to have signed an open letter to the UK prime minister in support of the transgender community.

The open letter, available to read in full here, comes after recent reports speculated the UK government intends to strip back planned reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

LGBTQ+ groups are concerned the government could amend laws to make it more complicated for trans people to transition and access facilities such as toilets and changing rooms.

The open letter, organised by InterMedia UK, an LGBTQ+ network group for people working in the media, sees some of the biggest companies in the media industry call for the safeguarding the rights of trans employees and colleagues.

Other organisations to have signed the letter include Sky, Endemol Shine, AMC Networks International UK, Diva Media Group and The Film + TV Charity.

“As it stands, the UK is a global leader in LGBTQ+ equality – and the government has been right to work closely with businesses to advance equality on the world stage. We all strive to be trans-inclusive organisations and believe that a diverse workforce, including trans employees, offers greater business success. With this in mind, we would be opposed to any policy or legislation changes that impact the trans community negatively,” the letter states.

“We hope that we can continue to be part of discussion about the future of trans equality in the UK, working together to make progress for the trans community and ensure our businesses maintain the diverse perspectives that help make us successful.”

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