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MBC partners with China’s NRTA

The MBC-NRTA agreement was signed at MBC Group’s headquarters in Dubai

Middle Eastern broadcaster MBC Group has partnered with China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) to develop programming for various platforms together.

The three-year deal will see the two share TV and film production expertise whilst collaborating on media content including dubbed television programmes from both territories, as well as joint productions.

MBC Group will showcase Chinese film content dubbed and translated into Arabic, while the NRTA will show MBC Group programming tailored to a Chinese audience.

The pact kicked off with a five-part documentary on China’s largest construction projects, titled China’s Mega Projects, which began airing on MBC Action and MBC Variety on November 14.

The agreement also includes the attendance and participation of both parties at events and festivals hosted by either party.

For example, MBC will participate in the China-Arab Cooperation Forum in Radio and Television, in addition to other television and film festivals held in China. Meanwhile, MBC Group will host NRTA at media, film, television and festival events in the region.

The signing took place at MBC Group’s headquarters in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the presence of MBC Group chairman Sheikh Waleed Bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, vice chairman Ali Al-Hedeithy and CEO Sam Barnett.

Representing NRTA was He Gao Jianmin, deputy minister of information at NRTA, as well as a number of senior executives and consultants.

“The digital media sector is of utmost importance to us; digital platforms are now a necessity for the growth of any media organisation in the region and the world. Investing in the event industry and in human capital is as crucial as investing in media content, so we are now sharing our experiences in these sectors with our partners in China,” said Sheikh Waleed.

“MBC has established over the years the prime broadcasting platform across the Middle East and North Africa region and we believe our partnership will support the cultural cooperation and content sharing across our regions,” added Gao Jianmin.

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