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Mathieu Béjot previews Sunny Side, with AI and pubcaster reforms in the spotlight

Today, we hear from Mathieu Béjot, head of strategy and development for Sunny Side of the Doc, as the 35th annual factual marketplace gets underway in La Rochelle, France.

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Sunny Side of the Doc gets underway in La Rochelle, France, today, the 35th edition of the international marketplace dedicated to factual film and TV.

The event, which runs through till Thursday, comes at a critical juncture for the business, with programming budgets being cut and documentaries and news at the sharp end of the debate around artificial intelligence and its potential misuse.

At the same time, the French market is in flux with a snap election on the horizon – one that will have a major bearing on planned reforms to the country’s public broadcasting landscape.

Béjot, head of strategy & development for Sunny Side, spoke to Jonathan Webdale about the line-up and the hot topics that will be under discussion.

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