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Marathon chief steps down

Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, CEO of French children’s production company Marathon Media and co-creator of Totally Spies, has left the company after 14 years.

Chalvon-Demersay stepped down from Zodiak Media-owned Marathon on Sunday “for personal reasons,” according to Zodiak.

Zodiak Media CEO Marc-Antoine d’Halluin has been appointed acting chief of Marathon Media. Chalvon-Demersay has also sold his stake in Zodiak Media back to Zodiak.

D’Halluin, who replaced David Frank last month, will hold the position temporarily in addition to his current role.

Chalvon-Demersay joined Marathon in 1999 as MD, becoming a member of the executive committee of Marathon Group in 2005, until it was sold to the De Agostini group in November 2007.

In January 2012, he was named chief strategy officer at Zodiak Media, a position he held until this September.

The prodco appointed Eryk Casemiro as its new chief creative officer earlier this year.

“I entirely trust Marc-Antoine d’Halluin to make the right decisions to continue my action. I will remain employed by the Zodiak group in Los Angeles for a long enough time to ensure the best possible transition,” said Chalvon-Demersay.


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