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Lacey lines up Yu-Gi-Oh as next Pokémon

Lacey Entertainment will be unveiling its new animated series Yu-Gi-Oh at MIPCOM this year.

The Japanese animated series follows the adventures of Yugi, a young boy with the ability to become an alter-ego-morping hero, capable of defeating monsters.

Yu-Gi-Oh recently premiered in the US on the kids’ entertainment network Kids’ WB and was produced by 4Kids Entertainment.

Kids’ WB and 4Kids Entertainment have teamed up in the past, having launched Pokémon on US Network television two years ago.

Brian Lacey, president of Lacey Entertainment, said: {Pokémon fans around the world will be enthusiastic about this latest series of battling adventures. We believe Yu-Gi-Oh’s has the potential to deliver ratings similar to Japan and the US.{

Lacey Entertainment will also be unveiling a raft of animated and reality programming at this year’s MIPCOM, including Power Stone (26×30′), America’s Dumbest Criminals (104×30′), The Mr Men Show (40×30′), Voltron (125×30′) and Denver The Last Dinosaur (51×30′).

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