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Korea’s Something Special signs unscripted pact with MY Entertainment

South Korean format agency Something Special has agreed an unscripted co-development deal with New York-based MY Entertainment Productions.

Jin-Woo Hwang

Both companies will initially co-develop three new unscripted formats for major US networks and streaming platforms, as well as for the international market.

The first format, Smashed Hits (working title), is a primetime gameshow from producer Eunseol Mo and sees contestants compete to identify popular songs that have been mixed together and creatively reinvented so that they are barely recognisable. Each episode will feature guest appearances by music stars.

The second format, Inseparables (wt), comes from producer Sehwa Kim and is a competition series inspired by lockdown. In the show, couples have their relationships tested as they attempt to overcome the issues presented by living together in quarters that get smaller and smaller. The winning couple will win a dream house.

The third and final format, The Quizzy Horror Show (wt), is a competition series from producer Jiyoon Kim. The programme sees contestants attempt to turn their fear into money by keeping their eyes open during scary moments. Those who can say what they saw will be the winners.

Something Special is the Seoul-based international Format agency founded by Jin Woo Hwang, president and exec director, and InSoon Kim, exec VP and head of content, while MY Entertainment is headed by its founder, Michael Yudin.


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