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Korean lifestyle series Get It Beauty set for US remake with Scott Sternberg

Get It Beauty has aired on Korean television for 18 seasons

LA-based Scott Sternberg Productions is adapting the long-running Korean lifestyle series Get It Beauty for the US market in partnership with Seoul-based media group CJ ENM.

The original version of the show, which examines beauty trends and gives tips to viewers, has aired on Korean television for 18 seasons. The format sees three hosts invite beauty specialists such as physical trainers and make-up artists into a studio to demonstrate their skills to a live studio audience who participate in the tutorials.

Scott Sternberg

In Korea, Get It Beauty has proven to be an influential show, helping to elevate several beauty brands and products to prominence. The beauty and personal care market has boomed in Korea in recent years, with revenues projected to grow to US$12.58bn in 2023.

“When I saw Get It Beauty I was immediately drawn to it because of its unique format, huge audience and unprecedented longevity. Its production value and talent participation prove its potential value here in the US,” said Scott Sternberg, president of the LA-based prodco.

Seo Jang-ho, senior VP of CJ ENM’s content business, added: “Get It Beauty is more than just a TV show. It is CJ ENM’s iconic lifestyle programme that has led the K-beauty trend and brought about synergy with numerous brands. Coupled with Scott’s insight about the US market, Korea’s beauty infrastructure and CJ ENM’s production experience, we expect the show to take place as a beauty trend leader in the US.”

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