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Kartoon Channel! stocks up on toons

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Kartoon Channel! has added more than 200 episodes of animated programming to its line-up, including anime hit Yu-Gi-Oh!.

148×22′ episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, based on the trading card game from Konami, are now available on the children’s digital network, which was launched in June by US kids’ media company Genius Brands International (GBI).

GBI has also licensed the English-language rights to 25×4′ episodes and Spanish-language rights to 5×30′ episodes of YouTube show My Dog Chocolo, from Productora Atiempo.

In addition, the company has acquired 52×11′ episodes of animated comedy series Invention Story from Mondo TV, and 26×22′ episodes of Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog from Muse Entertainment.

The shows join titles such as Babar, Angry Birds, Roblox and the forthcoming Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten on Kartoon Channel!, which GBI chairman and CEO Andy Heyward said was aiming to become the free Netflix for kids.


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