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Jessica Chapplow to outline how AI can help reimagine the content and media industry in Content London keynote

Jessica Chapplow

Recognised by Forbes in its prestigious 30 Under 30 Europe List for an outstanding career in media and marketing, Jessica Chapplow, founder of and managing partner, e-commerce, at Reprise Digital, will deliver a keynote at Content London that emphasises the importance of the human touch as emerging AI technology impacts the business.

In a keynote titled ‘Heartificial Intelligence: How AI can help reimagine the content and media industry by balancing high-tech with a human touch,’ Chapplow will challenge the industry to bring balance to the development of content using AI.

The keynote will run as part of the Prompt Start: How AI will change the content business strand, across three days at the event.

You can find out more about Content London 2023 and register online by CLICKING HERE.

Chapplow specialises in e-commerce and digital innovation, focusing on the role of cutting-edge technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence and blockchain to augmented reality, and their impact on the customer experience.

In her current role as head of e-commerce, she is responsible for leading, managing, growing and evolving all aspects of Reprise Digital’s UK offering. Throughout her career, Chapplow has advised some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, spanning a variety of industries, including fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical and luxury, on accelerating their omnichannel propositions.

She holds a masters in machine learning and is a passionate advocate for ethical data use and reducing algorithmic bias to achieve responsible AI.

Her academic background is in data and AI, focused on understanding large-scale data to build the best (and always evolving) customer experiences and products.

Chapplow said: “AI continues to become more ingrained in our daily lives, yet most of us remain unaware of both its impact and our reliance upon it. From morning to night, going about our everyday routines, AI technology drives much of what we do. It is appearing in seemingly every corner of modern life, from music and media to business and productivity. The media industry is projected to see the fastest growth in AI spending of any industry.

“Those prospects are exciting, but there remain challenges regarding fairness, recognising bias and minimising manipulation by increasing transparency and opening a dialogue about the ethical challenges ahead of us. What are the unintended consequences or harms of AI? How can those working in the entertainment and machine-learning industry ensure AI remains a force for good?”

During her keynote, Chapplow will aim to demystify what AI is and discuss how it can be used to harness the power of human potential and create a better future.

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