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ITVS adds five formats to 2020 slate

UK SCREENINGS: ITV Studios (ITVS) has added five formats to its 2020 slate, comprising a gameshow, a quizshow, a cooking competition, a dance-themed format and a dating show.

Glenn Hugill

Revealed at the 2020 Formats Festival hosted by the UK broadcaster’s production and distribution arm today, Rat in the Kitchen is a cooking competition in which a team of six chefs work together as a team in order to win a cash prize.

However, one of the chefs is tasked with secretly trying to sabotage the rest of the team. If the ‘rat’ succeeds in getting the team bad reviews from the judges, they take home the cash while the rest of team get nothing. The format comes from ITVS’s Possessed label.

Also from Possessed is Sitting on a Fortune, a quizshow in which six contestants battle it out for a big cash prize. The players position themselves in a row of chairs, but only the contestant in the front seat is asked the questions. A correct answer keeps them in their seat, but a wrong answer sends them to the back of the line and the rest of the players move up one seat.

At the end of each round, the player at the back is eliminated, until only one contestant remains. According to Possessed MD Glenn Hugill, “a major commercial broadcaster” in the UK has commissioned a seven-episode series.

From ITVS-owned 12 Yard Productions is Revolver, an “all or nothing” gameshow where contestants can win £100,000 (US$129,642) with the spin of a giant needle.

Playing in pairs, the teams answer 10 questions. With every correct answer, they win a spin on the wheel, which adds different sums of money to their bank. The aim of the game is to build their bank to £100,000 once they have answered all the questions – but if they go £1 over or under, they leave with nothing.

Meanwhile, The Moves is a dance-themed format in which four famous dance coaches attempt to teach people with no dancing experience how to dance. The coaches go head-to-head to prove who can give the best dance makeover of the night. The show comes from Israel-based Armoza Formats, which ITVS acquired last year.

Finally, Let Love Rule is a dating show that recently launched on SBS6 in the Netherlands. Created by John de Mol (Big Brother, The Voice), Let Love Rule sees two singles live together in a luxury apartment for 24 hours in the hope of finding love. After one day, the couple can decide whether to stay for another day or go their separate ways. If the couple last five full days in the apartment together, they are whisked off on a trip.


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