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International indies set up The Creatives alliance and partner Fremantle

An international consortium of indies has formed a creative and development alliance called The Creatives and agreed a three-year partnership with Fremantle.

Christian Vesper

The Creatives comprises Haut Et Court in France, Maipo Film in Norway, Lemming Film in the Netherlands, Razor Film in Germany, Masha in the US, Unité in France, Versus Production in Belgium, Spiro in Israel and Good Chaos in the UK.

Under the partnership, the group will work together on striking coproduction deals and strategic allegiances, as well as share information and use each other’s talent and networks.

The nine companies have already signed a deal with Fremantle, which will help develop and fund premium international dramas series in collaboration with its president of global drama, Christian Vesper, and the wider global drama team.

Vesper said: “At Fremantle, we proudly support the independent production community and the array of exceptional talent that it represents. Today’s announcement underlines this commitment, and we look forward to partnering with each of the brilliant production companies which represent The Creatives.

“At Fremantle we believe passionately in providing our valued partners and our brilliant talent with the right level of support, whilst also fully embracing their independence, creativity, and complete freedom to work unencumbered with the network or platform that is best suited for each project.”

The Creatives said in a statement: “Nine companies, nine different identities, who want to keep their individuality and their cultures as well as that of the talent they work with. We cooperate, we exchange ideas, we develop, we produce and we maintain our idiosyncrasies.

“In return, as a response to an exponential growth of the market, we offer writers and directors a home of a significant scale where they will benefit from a global approach. At the same time, they retain control of their stories and keep hold of rights, as much as possible. In this hugely competitive world, we all believe it is the only way to swim upstream and stay ahead of our competitors.”


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