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Indonesia cracks down on piracy

Indonesia-based indoXXi Group, controller of a large number of illegal piracy websites and apps, has claimed to have officially closed its operations as of January 1.

Joko Anwar

The announcement was made via the group’s various social media accounts and some indoXXi streaming sites cannot currently be accessed.

However, a number of indoXXi sites still remain operational and provide access to pirated Indonesian and international content.

Last month, the Asia Video Association (AVIA) commissioned a YouGov survey which found that 63% of Indonesians access piracy streaming websites.

Shortly after this, the Indonesian government vowed to identify and prosecute those operating the indoXXi sites unless they ceased operations.

Concerns over rampant piracy in Indonesia have led to the country’s president and vice-president becoming involved in the crackdown.

Johnny Plate, the country’s minister of communications and information (Kominfo), recently said: “Pirated films generate a negative impact on Indonesia. The government is building its investment climate, which includes the protection of intellectual property rights.”

Public relations commissioner Asep Adi Saputra, head of the public relations division of the national police, said: “The police fully supports what is being done by Kominfo. We will be coordinating further if there are further violations of the law, especially as it relates to intellectual property rights.”

Semuel Abrijani, director general of communication and information agency Aptika Kominfo, added: “We are working with video and film associations to eradicate pirated websites. It’s like cat and mouse game. But, together with the VCI, we will continue to pursue them.”

He went on to warn consumers of the risks associated with piracy websites. “These sites are dangerous. Besides harming IPR owners, we have found malware on some of the sites that were blocked.”

Members of the Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI) said they will continue to work with Kominfo to assist in the identification of illegal sites and called for all related government departments to work together and take stronger enforcement action against illegal piracy site owners.

Joko Anwar, one of Indonesia’s most successful film directors, stated: “Piracy is not a victimless crime. It hurts the whole of the film industry, dampening its growth, which in turn lessens the opportunities for more people to work in the field and threatens the livelihoods of those already working in our industry.”

Chand Parwez, chairman of Asosiasi Perusahaan Film Indonesia (APFI), said: “indoXXI may have claimed to have voluntarily shut down their illicit services. What’s important is that APFI, the VCI and Kominfo continue to proactively fight piracy. One battle does not win a war and APFI will continue to fight.”

To tackle against the country’s rampant online piracy, the VCI has been working with Kominfo to identify and block domains associated with piracy websites. Since last July, more than 1,000 piracy websites and illegal application domains have been blocked by Kominfo.

Members of the VCI include AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy, APFI, APROFI, GPBSI, Emtek Group, MNC Group, Viva Group, Telkom Indonesia, Cinema 21 Group, CGV, Cinemaxx, HOOQ, iflix, Viu, GoPlay, Rewind, SuperSoccerTV and Catchplay.

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