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Iflix lines up horror, romance originals

Kisah Tanah Jawa is a rare foray into horror in Indonesia

Pan-Asian streaming service Iflix has revealed new originals in the romance and horror genres will drop on the platform over the coming months.

The slate includes Iflix’s first foray into horror in Indonesia, where the genre is typically restricted and censored on mainstream television.

Six-part Blair Witch-inspired series series Kisah Tanah Jawa tells the story of two people who go on an ill-fated quest to find a friend who has gone missing on a hike on the mystical Mount Merapi.

It is being made by Rapi Films, which was behind Indonesia’s highest-grossing horror movie of all time, Pengabdi Setan, and will be released in October.

Kisah Tanah Jawa will be followed up by the release of Conversation with Ghosts (working title), Iflix’s second six-part series out of Indonesia. It stars Amanda Rawles as a girl desperate to settle into a new school who is plagued by supernatural events as she uncovers her demonic heritage and tragic destiny.

Iflix is working with production house Screenplay Films on the show, which will combine the popular teen drama with the country’s top movie genre of horror, in ways never before seen on the small screen due to local TV censorship guidelines, Iflix said.

In Malaysia, Iflix will release a four-part miniseries titled Ombak Rindu, based on the romantic drama novels by Fauziah Ansari originally brought to screen in 2011 as a movie. Iflix has linked up with Infinitus Entertainment to produce the miniseries.

Also out of Malaysia, KL Gangster Underworld spin-off movie Rise to Power will launch on September 19 ahead of the debut of the show’s second season in early 2020.

Mark Francis, Iflix’s global director of original programming, said: “These shows represent the best of local entertainment from the region and on-screen talent and are based on incredibly successful intellectual property.”

Iflix is currently available in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Maldives, Cambodia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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