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Hybrid AVoD-SVoD revenues to triple to $20bn by 2029, claims Digital TV Research

Hybrid AVoD-SVoD revenues by platform in 2029 (US$bn)

Hybrid revenues for AVoD and SVoD streaming platforms will triple to US$20bn by 2029, claims UK analysis firm Digital TV Research.

These mixed revenues will be almost equally split between subscription and ad-supported tiers for US-based streamers Netflix, Disney+, HBO and Paramount.

For example, Netflix’s premium pay package is estimated to yield US$3.3bn by 2029, while its ad-supported model will generate US$3.1bn.

Disney+’s SVoD service, meanwhile, is forecast to create slightly less revenue (US$3.3bn) than its AVoD platform (US$3.5).

The combined US$20bn prediction for 2029 represents a growth of US$6bn from this year.

Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research said: “These platforms are expected to roll out hybrid AVoD-SVoD tiers to the world’s top advertising markets in the near future.

“These forecasts are a lot lower than our previous ones as the platforms have delayed and/or scaled back their expansion plans.

“We have cut back the number of countries where these hybrid tiers will start. By 2029, we expect that Netflix and Disney+ will both be in 46 countries, HBO Max in 35 countries and Paramount+/SkyShowtime in 37 countries.”

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