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Hoho, Caldera send in Seal Force 5

Seal Force 5 has been created by Paul and Rob Caldera

UK children’s and family producer and distributor Hoho Entertainment is developing an animated comedy series with fledgling kids’ prodco Caldera Creations.

Seal Force 5 is a classic story of good versus evil, following five arctic seals, mysteriously mutated into humanoid form, which assemble as an elite special forces team to prevent a shadowy cabal from destroying the world.

The story comes from Paul and Rob Caldera, the cousins behind UK-based Caldera Creations.

Paul Caldera said: “We were looking for an animal that is both adorable and funny yet also fit for action, but isn’t already a pop culture icon – and seals were the perfect choice. From there, the idea of using seals as Navy SEALs seemed like a ready-made match for the action/comedy animation genre.”


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