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HMS Hood hits the screen for Channel 4 and PBS

The first fruits of the £2m ($2.9m) expedition to find the sunken British WWII battle ship HMS Hood will appear on Channel 4 on August 6.

The Hunt For Hood is a 60' special documenting the search for the ship, and is produced by ITN Factual, the documentary division of the UK's biggest commercial news producer ITN.

The expedition, which located Hood's wreck last Monday, is majority funded by Channel 4 with a smaller contribution from US public network PBS. Leading explorer David Mearns led the search. PBS's contribution gives it a US window on the documentaries.

Using remote operated vehicles, Mearns has captured the first ever shots of the Hood's wreck. {We are using some of the most advanced equipnment in the world,{ says the show's exec producer Julian Ware.

Some footage of the sunken wreck has already been aired on Channel 4's news bulletins – also made by ITN – and the channel's website is offering a video stream.

The expedition will also result in a 2×90' series due to air in the autumn. The show, called Hood & Bismarck (wt) will also be made by ITN Factual and will feature reconstructions and plenty of cgi work. C4's deputy commissioner for science and education Sarah Marris greenlit the show, as well as the special.

HMS Hood sunk with 1,415 men in a historical sea battle with the German battle cruiser Bismarck in 1941. The expedition has previously visited the wreck of the German ship, which was itself sunk three days after Hood.

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