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Greece captures Israel’s Moment

Capturing the moment

Greek broadcaster Antenna TV has ordered a local adaptation of an Israeli factual entertainment format for its channels in Greece and Cyprus.

Capturing the Moment focuses on the cultural and historical stories told via old photographs, with each episode culminating in a recreation of the image.

The series is an adaptation of the original Israeli format of the same name, which is distributed by Tel Aviv-based Gil Formats.

Premiering at the end of 2020 on ANT1, the Greek version follows adaptations produced in Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Assaf Gil, CEO of Gil Formats, said: “We are all experiencing a shift in the TV industry lately with Covid-19 entering our lives: budgets are getting smaller but the need for uplifting shows is in very high demand. Currently, the present and future may look uncertain but a show like Capturing the Moment that cherishes nostalgic moments in the past is the ultimate format to broadcast these days.”


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