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Gonzalo Larrea, Pina Mezzera, Jordan Pinto on what to expect from Content Americas

Today we hear from Gonzalo Larrea and Pina Mezzera, co-editors of C21’s Spanish-language brand Cveintiuno, plus C21 North American editor Jordan Pinto about our inaugural Content Americas event, which gets underway in Miami today.

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Content Americas, C21’s inaugural three-day event designed to bring together the Latin American, US and international TV businesses and promote the growth of Spanish-language programming, kicks off today in Miami.

Some 1,500 delegates are arriving at the Downtown Miami Hilton to foster new partnerships; cultivate existing ones; buy, sell and adapt finished shows; and develop the next big hits.

Representatives from TelevisaUnivision, Telemundo, Movistar+, The Mediapro Studio, Globo, Warner Bros Discovery, Fox Entertainment, Propagate Content and more are descending on the sell-out confab, organised with C21’s Spanish-language brand Cveintiuno.

The latter’s co-editors, Gonzalo Larrea and Pina Mezzera, plus C21 North American editor Jordan Pinto spoke ahead of the event about how it came together, some of the highlights from the agenda and the themes and major stories likely to be discussed.

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