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Global Screen attends Wannsee Conference

MIPCOM: German distributor Global Screen has acquired the international rights to Constantin Television and ZDF’s Second World War drama coproduction The Wannsee Conference.

Alexandra Heidrich

The film dramatises the 1942 meeting in which leading members of the Nazi regime came together in Berlin to discuss how to organise the mass murder of millions of Jews across Europe in what they called the ‘final solution to the Jewish question.’

Directed by Matti Geschonneck, filming will start in Berlin in November and the project forms part of Global Screen’s slate for this week’s Mipcom Online+.

Alexandra Heidrich, head of acquisitions and sales, TV International at Global Screen, said: “Through this historically accurate treatment, which uses the original minutes of the meeting as the source material, viewers can experience a piece of contemporary history that brought unimaginable suffering to so many people and families.

“This chapter in German history had far-reaching consequences for Jewish people throughout Europe. The film treatment of the Wannsee Conference aims to help ensure that these atrocities are not forgotten, either in Germany or internationally, and that they are never repeated.”


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