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French broadcaster M6 sets sail for The Island with Banijay format revival

The Island first aired on Channel 4 in 2014

French broadcaster M6 has revived Banijay format The Island, to be produced by Endemol France.

The format was last on air in France in 2018 and will now return with a celebrity version.

The Island was originally created by Banijay-owned Shine TV and Bear Grylls Ventures in 2014 for Channel 4 in the UK and quickly spawned a number of international versions, including celebrity versions which aired last year in Denmark and Sweden.

The format strips participants of modern comforts and challenges them to survive on an uninhabited island with limited resources.

The returning series will see 10 celebrities pushed to their limits, using their survival instincts and resourcefulness in a new trekking challenge. Set in Thailand, contestants must survive and navigate treacherous terrain to reach the extraction point. French adventurer and explorer Loury Lag will host.

Jean-Louis Blot, CEO of Endemol France says: “The Island’s authenticity and raw depiction of survival make it a standout show in the reality genre. It captures the essence of human resilience within a challenging environment, providing unforgettable viewing for M6 viewers. It’s exciting to reintroduce the format to audiences in France, and we’re eager to find new ways to elevate the experience that will leave audiences wanting more.”

Endemol France also produces local versions of Star Academy, Lego Masters, Celebrity Hunted, and LOL: Last One Laughing.

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