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France TV, Super RTL put on Jade Armor

Broadcasters in France and Germany have come on board French studio TeamTO’s animated action-comedy Jade Armor, which is now in full production.

Jade Armor is set for delivery in fall 2021

France Télévisions and Super RTL have greenlit the 26×22′ series, which follows a teenage girl superhero and has been created by an all-women team. This comprises TeamTO’s executive producer Corinne Kouper, showrunner and co-creator Chloé Miller, head writer MJ Offen and co-developer Mary Bredin.

The show follows Lan Jun, the last in a long line of strong and powerful women, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she puts on a mysterious bracelet sent anonymously through the mail.

She is immediately encased in high-tech armour and, with her Kung-Fu talents suddenly levelled up, she must contend with both an evil array of super villains and the even more challenging trials of teenage life.

The series, which has been in development since 2015 and originally had a boy in the lead role, is being produced at TeamTO’s Paris and Valence studios, with the first episode planned for delivery in fall 2021.

“This series is an excellent example of what a female heroine can bring to action adventure: a different way of looking at confrontation with antagonists and how to use the powers in her possession,” said Tiphaine de Raguenel, director of youth programming and animation at France Télévisions.

Super RTL content director Martin Gradl added: “Jade Armor has all the ingredients Super RTL was looking for: a strong and relatable female lead, stories full of adventure, filled with humour and fun, positive role models and relationships characterised by friendship, family and the idea of great teamwork.”

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