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FilmRise serves up VoD rights to Fuji TV’s globetrotting Iron Chef format

Iron Chef lauched on Fuji Television Network in 1993

MIPCOM: New York-based distributor FilmRise has picked up the VoD rights to Japanese culinary competition format Iron Chef.

First produced for Fuji Television Network in 1993, Iron Chef sees guest cooks challenge a resident ‘Iron Chef’ with dishes centred around a selected special ingredient.

The format has since travelled the world with local versions in countries including Israel, Australia, Thailand, the UK and Canada.

FilmRise has begun shopping the format as part of its catalogue at Mipcom in Cannes this week.

Masaru Akiyama, senior manager at Fuji Television Network, said: “Iron Chef was a ground-breaking series, inspiring eight highly successful international editions, and became an instant cult fan favourite in the US since its original airing in 1999. By partnering with FilmRise and plugging into their streaming network, we will be able to seamlessly reach our loyal fans and create new fans for the series around the globe.”


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