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Eleven to host script editor training

Sony Pictures Television (SPT)-backed production company Eleven is launching a script editor training programme for people-of-colour (POC) development creatives.

Carissa Hope Lynch

Duly Noted has been conceived by the scripted prodco’s in-house producer Carissa Hope Lynch, who is co-facilitating with screenwriter and story producer Tolula Dada.

The programme is designed for POC in comedy and drama development who want to gain more scripted experience in order to advance their careers and become script editors.

With other industry diversity schemes focusing on front-of-camera representation, nurturing new writers and entry-level access, Duly Noted has been created with professionals at this key stage of their career in mind.

Conceived by Hope Lynch, designed jointly with Dada and hosted by Eleven, the programme will run one Saturday a month from January to April 2021. With the support of Eleven and SPT, Duly Noted is a paid training opportunity.

Duly Noted will consist of four full-day workshops involving the nuts and bolts of production script editing, as well as in-depth group and panel discussions. The workshops will be supplemented with at-home assignments and one-to-one mentoring sessions.

The workshops will take place virtually or in-person with protocols in place, depending on what coronavirus restrictions are in place at the time and what the participants feel comfortable with.

Eleven produces drama, documentary and comedy for the UK and international markets and is behind shows such as Sex Education for Netflix. Its upcoming projects include BBC young-adult horror series Red Rose.

Hope Lynch said: “When you’re the most junior creative in the room, and the creative who is also the only person of colour contributing to the conversation, the imposter syndrome can be real.

“With that in mind, I’ve always wanted to create a space for and with other self-identified POC like me, that is POC-led, to not only spark a network but to professionally tool up for the next level; to explore the vocabulary of editorial, alongside instigating a much needed web of support.”

Eleven MDs Joel Wilson and Jamie Campbell said in a joint statement: “Carissa and Tolula have developed Duly Noted to help to bring about substantive change. We are very pleased to support them in launching this in 2021, and hope it becomes an ongoing development programme.

“We always want to take every opportunity to ensure Eleven is open and accessible to, and actively engaging with, the best of British creative talent.”

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