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Ecuador looks to The Philippines’ Global Media Arts for fresh telenovelas

La Inocencia de Tania (Little Nanay)

Three separate Ecuadorian broadcasters have bought Spanish-dubbed versions of three different Filipino novelas, all from The Philippines’ GMA (Global Media Arts) Network.

Little Nanay has been rebranded La Inocencia de Tania and bought by local broadcaster TC Television. Starring Kris Bernal (Impostora), the show is about a mentally challenged woman who gets pregnant and must face the challenges of being a mother.

Meanwhile, Dahil sa Pag-ibig has arrived on Ecuador’s Ecuavisa with its recent premiere as ¿Por Amor o Por Dinero?. It stars Sanya Lopez, Benjamin Alves, Pancho Magno, and Winwyn Marquez and tells the story of a wife who sacrifices even her dignity just to save her husband from death row in the Middle East.

Finally, the Spanish-dubbed version of Madrasta is set to premiere on Ecuavisa as La Madrastra, or The Stepmother. The series stars Arra San Agustin, Juancho Trivino, and Thea Tolentino who recently appeared on Ecuadorian screens via the hit drama Hermanas (The Half Sisters). It tells the story of a kind-hearted stepmother who must stand up against her husband’s evil ex-wife and fight for her rightful place in his life.

The deal has been facilitated by regional distributor Latin Media Corporation, with whom GMA has an ongoing partnership.

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